Can UND take over #1 this weekend?

It’s a bit of a longshot, but if everything goes well for UND this weekend, they could climb to #1 in the PairWise Rankings. Incumbent Minnesota State controls it’s own destiny — a sweep guarantees they stay atop the heap for one more week. A split, however, opens the door for UND.


If UND sweeps, they can take #1 with a suitably bad performance by Mankato. It’s remotely possible, though not likely, for North Dakota to take #1 even with a split.


Finally, it’s remotely possible (about 2%) for Nebraska-Omaha to take the #1 spot this weekend (a scenario that would almost certainly require a sweep of UND), and extremely remotely possible (about .2%) for Boston University to take #1.

4 thoughts on “Can UND take over #1 this weekend?”

  1. Jim I would love to see a rest of the year outlook for Minnesota just for laughs.

    And to really bring the giggles post Wisconsin’s.

  2. Wisconsin is unlikely to break out of the 50s.

    Minnesota still stands a chance — winning 10 or so of the remaining 14 would put them right on the bubble going into conference tournaments. Winning fewer would require some luck and/or a good conference tournament.

  3. I would think that if Minnesota isn’t in at start of the tournament they would have to win to get in. They’d have to have a first round bye to be in the pair wise talk and them the best win they could get without winning the whole thing would probably be penn state. Which I can’t imagine would hardly help them out.

    Then again they could very well go on a pretty hot streak to end the season. Other than Michigan they are all winnable games.

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