Ryan Stoa and Doug Woog: Postgame Comments from Friday Night

From the Fox Sports Net North postgame show featuring Doug Woog and Frank Mazzacco:

Doug Woog and Frank Mazzacco interviewed Gopher captain Ryan Stoa after last night’s 6-3 Sioux victory. This exchange concerned Ryan Stoa’s crosscheck on Brett Hextall while Hextall was flat on his back in the crease with under two minutes to play..

Woog: “I have a question for you about the end of that game. You got involved in that altercation. What was your mindset? What were you thinking about doing there?”

Stoa: “He…the kid (Brett Hextall) that I went after…I hit him into the goalie, which was my fault, but then he’s been running his mouth all night and coaches said something, and somebody had to step in and do it and I had the opportunity to.”

Woog: “Good for you.”

So much I could say here, but I’ll let it speak for itself.

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  1. Dave good stuff here I wonder what you think about Hill’s comments about the rivalry and the Sioux. They said that Hill and Hakstol walked by each other in the REA and didn’t look at each other. Dave if you taped the MSN game some good stuff from hill.

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