University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux All-Decade Team: The 1990s

This is the second of three Fighting Sioux All-Decade teams. Click here for the 1980s team. Check back later for the All-Decade team from the 2000s.

I came up with this list based on statistics, honors, and championships. More consideration was given to players who played their entire career in the 1990s.

Dixon Ward-Greg Johnson-Russ Romaniuk
David Hoogsteen-Jeff Panzer-Jay Panzer
Jason Blake-Adam Calder-Lee Goren
Jeff McLean-Jason Ulmer-Teeder Wynne

Landon Wilson, Darcy Mitani, Kevin Hoogsteen, and Marty Schriner are the reserve forwards.

Curtis Murphy-Brad Williamson
Nick Naumenko-Jason Herter
Dane Litke-Mike Commodore

Brad Bombardir and Trevor Hammer are the reserve defensemen.

Karl Goehring

Toby Kvalevog and Aaron Schweitzer are the reserve goaltenders.

This is the type of list that (hopefully) will spark some debate. Feel free to chime in with your own list or take me to task for a glaring omission.

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