Sioux fans rally behind one of their own

While Internet forums are sometimes (rightfully) thought of as untamed jungles into which only the thickest of skin dare tread, they also foster a strong community among distant strangers brought together by a common tie.

Over the past week, the community rallied behind a 14 year-old Sioux fan in the Twin Cities who was recently diagnosed with leukemia.

Nick and PSB with the new dishIn addition to visiting his Caring Bridge site to drop notes of well wishes, fans proposed chipping in to buy his family an over-the-air satellite dish so he could watch all the Sioux games for free while recovering.

Enough Sioux fans, none of whom knew each other or Nick, offered to chip in that the plan was surely becoming a reality. When a Sioux fan contacted a satellite dish installer who frequents the forum (and who has installed dishes for countless other forum denizens) to arrange the details, “PSB” was happy not only to perform the installation, but to donate the entire system himself.

There’s not much I can add to the story, other than to tell you to check it out yourself:
“14 y/o Sioux Fan diagnosed with leukemia, Nick Cherekos from Osseo, MN” thread
Nicholas Cherekos Caring Bridge guestbook

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