As most of you have already figured out, yesterday’s blog post “Audio from ‘The Timeout’ available for the first time” was an April Fool’s joke.

As I sat and watched the comments roll in, I was reminded of my favorite April Fools’ columns and thought I would share them with you again today.

2008: “T.J. Oshie signs with the St. Louis Blues and gives up a chance to compete with North Dakota at the Frozen Four” (link no longer available)

2009: “Rule Change: Ties in the Frozen Four to be decided by shootout”

2010: “REA to cut beer sizes and raise prices for 2010-11 season”

2011: “NCAA to drop nickname settlement and sanctions altogether if UND wins hockey championship”

2012: “Audio from ‘The Timeout’ available for the first time”

Which are your favorites? More to the point: Which, at the time, did you fall for?