My top five April Fool’s columns on

As most of you have already figured out, yesterday’s blog post “Audio from ‘The Timeout’ available for the first time” was an April Fool’s joke.

As I sat and watched the comments roll in, I was reminded of my favorite April Fools’ columns and thought I would share them with you again today.

2008: “T.J. Oshie signs with the St. Louis Blues and gives up a chance to compete with North Dakota at the Frozen Four” (link no longer available)

2009: “Rule Change: Ties in the Frozen Four to be decided by shootout”

2010: “REA to cut beer sizes and raise prices for 2010-11 season”

2011: “NCAA to drop nickname settlement and sanctions altogether if UND wins hockey championship”

2012: “Audio from ‘The Timeout’ available for the first time”

Which are your favorites? More to the point: Which, at the time, did you fall for?

3 thoughts on “My top five April Fool’s columns on”

  1. I got into a semi-heated argument with another sioux fan during the 1st overtime of the Denver vs Western Michigan Green Bay regional game last year. It wasn’t until the 2nd overtime started that I started to think something may be amiss. That was of course was confirmed when I got back to the hotel that night and your column was the only place on the entire world wide web that I could find anything regarding the rule. If you notice the timeline, I had that bogus rule ingrained in my subconscious for two years!

  2. I loved last years. I really wished it would have been true and that we could have gone all the way. I love the Sioux, but it is also time we start acting as one school.

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