Weekly UND PWR outlook






UND’s PWR outlook is a bit more interesting this week than last — a sweep probably leaves them at #2 (though #1 and #3 are each possible), a split most likely results in a modest fall (though staying at #2 is possible), getting swept would throw UND at the mercy of its competitors.



That 2% chance of UND taking #1 with a sweep almost certainly requires Minnesota State to be swept by Alaska:



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  1. The latest game shows how reams are looking at omaha game with renewed interest. Coach has his work cut out as all shots at zane were sliders with a few at glove and got beat stick side against posts. Halfway through second period started clearibg out of zone nxt to benches while Dnvr cleared opposite side with no dumps or line changes like U did. Out coached and hustled tonight. This is playoff hockey too bad marketing and ralph cant copy omaha with whiteouts and rally songs during not just in overtime period. REA is missing character that previous bldg had as you knew when voice of every fan was horse afterwards. Maybe we need the KISS fan to copy Seattle and fans in REA can be 7th Man… At least Coach has rebuilt the Team as one early on vs copying Caps in sliw early season and white hot to make it to playoffs. The other story tonight is the amount of penalties by Captains and assistant

  2. the guys with C n As on their uniforms. Lead by example yes defend the cheap shotz like clip on Cagulia and throw bodyz were they are standing on goaline doorstep. We didnt have a forecheck game and dump in their zone and run off to line change unheard of to include collapse of defense posture giving Dnvr free reign to pass around the horn. Trapped well against boards just need aggressive postures when in UND zone. Highlights the crisp passing, puck control behind nets, and penalty play on both sides. A few tweaks and taking the puck down the muddle or left side vs majority of right will get these next 6 W. TJ Oshie send your charm and lessons on

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