An easy cheering guide for UND fans

Here’s what UND fans want to happen to maximize UND’s chances of making the NCAA tournament. No math here, I promise.


UND needs itself to do as well as possible. Anything short of one win makes an NCAA tournament bid pretty unlikely. Two wins gets UND an auto bid so none of the rest would matter.

Other conference tournaments

UND wants as many of the following four conference tournaments to be won by the listed teams as possible:

  • Big Ten — Minnesota, Wisconsin
  • ECAC — Union, Quinnipiac
  • WCHA — Ferris State
  • Hockey East — Mass.-Lowell, Notre Dame, Providence

The more of these we get, the fewer of the following we need.

Primary competitors for at-large bids

UND wants some of these teams to lose so there are fewer competitors for at-large bids:

  • Michigan
  • Minnesota State
  • Colgate
  • Cornell

And to a lesser degree, these teams doing poorly can help primarily if UND loses its first game:

  • Ohio State
  • New Hampshire

3 thoughts on “An easy cheering guide for UND fans”

  1. We always knew it would be two down in the first round. Can you bring yourself to cheer for Minnesota and Wisconsin tomorrow? 😉

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