WCHA Predicted Order of Finish

I thought I would throw my hat in the ring and give you my predicted order of finish for all twelve teams in the final season of the WCHA as we know it:

#12: Alaska-Anchorage
#11: MSU-Mankato
#10: Bemidji State
#9: Michigan Tech
#8: Nebraska-Omaha
#7: Colorado College
#6: Minnesota-Duluth
#5: St. Cloud State
#4: Wisconsin
#3: Denver
#2: North Dakota
#1: Minnesota

I’ve never been right on the money with these, but I’ve been close. We’ll check back at mid-season and see how things look. Feel free to add your comments or predictions below. As always, thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “WCHA Predicted Order of Finish”

  1. I feel like UNO will finish a little higher. Maybe ahead of CC.

    I wonder if the non NCHC teams will be gunning for the top teams, and if that will have any affect on the way the last WCHA season shakes out….

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