PWR forecast for Feb. 22

Look back at last week’s forecast

Looking back at the PWR forecast for Feb. 15, the Sioux split and landed right in the meaty part of the prediction for a split, a drop of 2 places to #13 in today’s PWR.

Prediction of UND’s PWR after this weekend

After the excitement of last week’s forecast, in which UND’s PWR was unnaturally high such that a split made a fall in ranking very likely, this week’s forecast is a bit more boring. In fact, it looks a lot like last week’s. From #13, UND is likely to rise a couple spots with a sweep, fall a couple spots getting swept, and stay about where they are if they split.

Games to watch

Minnesota over Colorado College (sweep helps UND 1.2)
Mass.-Lowell over Maine (sweep helps UND 1.1, single win helps .76)
Miami over Nebraska-Omaha (sweep helps UND .87)
Vermont over New Hampshire (sweep helps UND .84)
Merrimack over Massachusetts (sweep helps UND .78, single win helps .63)
St. Lawrence/Clarkson over Yale (sweep helps UND .78, single win helps .61)

Look ahead to end of regular season

UND remains in the driver’s seat. To finish the regular season in a tournament-likely position (e.g. #13 in PWR or better) would require winning 4 of the remaining 6.

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