Sioux Records — End of the regular season

My third, but hopefully not final, post in the 2007 Fighting Sioux Football Records installment series. I know I haven’t tired of this subject, I hope you haven’t either.

The regular season ended with an aerial assault in South Dakota, we can now look at where this phenomenally prolific offense falls in the regular season single-season record books.

UND 2007 Football Cumulative Stats
UND Football Records

Final Regular Season Records for 2007 Fighting Sioux


Rushing TDs 12 (T-#6 all time)
Rushing yds 1456 (#4 all time)
All purpose yds 1949 (#1 all time)
TDs scored 15 (T-#4 all time)


Receiving TDs 12 (#1 all time)
Receiving yds 1142 yds (#2 all time)
All purpose yds 1850 (#2 all time)
TDs scored 12 (T-#9 all time)


Passing TDs 24 (#1 all time)
Passing yds 2573 (#1 all time)
Single season completion percentage .687 (#1 all time)

Off-the-cuff thoughts

  • Remember in August when people were concerned about whether Freund was ready?
  • At the risk of repeating myself, what’s the impact on the record books if we’d gotten that 11th game against East Stroudsburg?

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