Offense continues climbing the record charts

In my mid-season look at UND’s offensive stats, Offense for the Record Books, I noted that the prolific Sioux offense was about to burst onto the records charts with just half their games played.

I’ve been updating the regular season stats in the comments of that post, but with just two games remaining, it’s time for a fresh look.

After 6 consecutive games of 500+ yards of offense (besting a previous record of 1), the offense has settled down with two games in the mere 400’s.

With eight contests settled and two remaining, regular season offensive production for the 2007 Sioux (and where each ranks, all-time):

Rushing TDs 10 (11 needed for top ten)
Rushing yds 1243 (#5 all time)
All purpose yds 1634 (#4 all time)

Receiving TDs 7 (8 needed for top ten)
Receiving yds 900 yds (#4 all time)

Passing TDs 18 (T-#6 all-time)
Passing yds 2044 (#8 all time)

Players have insisted in the past that they don’t watch their progress toward records during the season; but, when this regular season ends, a few of them may find themselves wondering what their place in history would be if UND had found an 11th game to schedule.

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