Hall of Fame Game React: UND vs. Michigan State

After every game, I will post my immediate reaction to the action on the ice. On Sunday or Monday of each game weekend, I will also post a full game “rewind”, complete with goal descriptions, a breakdown of special teams play, reviews of controversial calls, and my commentary.

My immediate thoughts from tonight’s game, a 6-0 Sioux victory….

It has been said that a player in his senior year is never the same player he was before; he either explodes or fades away. Rylan Kaip will explode this year, and may very well equal his career point totals (8 goals, 16 assists) this year.

I know that there are Jean-Philippe Lamoureux haters out there, but he kept UND in the game until the Sioux could roll four lines and build some momentum. The first of many shutouts this season, I predict.

The “Overrated” chant is my least favorite chant in the history of hockey. When a crowd chants “overrated”, what they’re really saying is “hey, you can’t be as good as people say you are because WE beat you!” If anything, the crowd should chant “underrated” at their own team. (Of course, when your team is ranked #1, it’s impossible to be underrated.)

LaPoint played very well tonight. He went largely unnoticed, and didn’t show up on the score sheet, but for a freshman defenseman, unnoticed is pretty good.

When Evan Trupp skates, hustles, and shoots, he reminds me of Ryan Duncan. Maybe that’s why he wears 19? Kind of like Duncan with the 6 upside down?

VandeVelde may end up with Oshie and Duncan just as much as Frattin. He is a force on the ice and in all three zones.

I love how UND continued to apply pressure in the third period. Reminds me of the Sioux teams from the late 90s which never let up. I know we have had some more recent clubs do that on occasion; I’m simply saying that it’s a good sign from this team.

I will have a look at the Oshie 5 minute major and the Radke penalty that nullified a goal and let you know in my Hall of Fame Game Rewind.

Thanks for checking in. As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions.

3 thoughts on “Hall of Fame Game React: UND vs. Michigan State”

  1. When I was young 😉 , we only chanted “overrated” when the team we defeated was ranked HIGHER than we were (e.g. .500 UND team of mid-90s knocking off the #1 Gophers). In this case, I suppose its the magnitude of the win against the defending national champs.

  2. Thank you for bringing up the “overrated.” I was embarrassed that our crowd was doing that. Thankfully we scored to give people something to cheer about.

  3. I watched the game when I got home…I thought the Oshie 5 min call was terrible. If it was called anything it should have been boarding. I have seen many worse hits from behind that have been called boarding…

    The Radke interference call was legit, I thought. He came across just before the shot and cleared out a defender. Whether or not that defender was actually interfered with, I don’t know, but I do know that I would have been calling for it to be a penalty if the same play happened in front of Phil.

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